Jumping In: the water’s cold at first;

It was a crisp fall evening and there was a sense of adventure in the air. This strong wind was pulling me like a magnet, guiding me through the trees. Beautiful vibrant leaves were dancing around me in celebration- but what was there to be celebrated? I continue to wander out of curiosity through this forest, and it’s starting to look familiar. Tree after tree, bush after bush; this was my forest and my forest that covered much of the land. This land was my imaginations playground, and where many adventures have taken place and many adventures were still to come. In this forest, life just was- anything you could ever imagine it to be. This is my dream journal.


I will be writing about a huge variety of things; from my life, to my opinion’s and thoughts. I have an interesting view on life, and want to share it with the world.


One of my dreams last night.

This is to give you a little taste at what my dream’s are like. Hope you enjoy.

I went to visit my grandmother, who is quite wealthy. I get there and it’s a whole new house- kind of a mansion. And I get there I can’t find her, so I start walking around. I find her outside playing baseball with the younger grandchildren. I stay a while and watch, but realized I left her birthday present in the house, so I start going back to the house to retrieve it. I make it back to the house, but hear a car pull up- so I go to the window to check. It’s a person who for some reason was coming after us- he escaped from jail and now we were unsafe again. I was upstairs at the time (in my grandmother’s bedroom) so I needed to find a way to sneak around the house to make it back outside to warn grandma and the others. The bad guy enters the house- I thought I had no way to avoid running into him on the stairs, so I go into the office- there I found a door, and it leads to a bathroom. I’m thinking okay great, this doesn’t help me get outside. But in the bathroom there was a barely noticeable change in the tiling in one scare section. I go over to inspect it, and all of the sudden a secret trap door opens. It had a slide in it, so I suppose it wasn’t meant to harm anybody. Once I get to the bottom of this slide, I was in a room I have never seen before. There was nothing rememberable about it, besides the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There was also no doors leaving it. Right before I start to panic, I notice a cut out in the wall paper, the size of a door. I am thinking at this point- ya right this can not be real right now- sure enough it was, and I pushed on this shape and it opened like a door, it opened so that I was now inside the barn, close enough to run over and tell the others! But by the time I ran over there, nobody was there. I thought for sure he had already gotten there and taken them all. To my surprise I return the same way I left, this time going through the other secret door in the previous room – this place ended up being full of them! I return to see my grandma with this guy tied up and police man just pulling up to the house to take him away. Then I woke up.

secret door

What’s next?

I have been thinking a lot about what is next for me, and how I want to get the full college experience. I don’t even know what I am going to major in yet- and they expect me to decide by this upcoming fall. I was poking around on the school website, and I think that studying abroad in France would be such an amazing opportunity. I wouldn’t ever forget it. The requirements are also do-able! I have been losing inspiration lately in life, and now I have something to look forward to. Yay to new ambitions!


True Love

When it comes to true love- I instantly think of Nicholas sparks. His books depict the “perfect” sense of what true love is. Now I know every person will have their own opinion of this- and I have mine. I would love to experience this love that he suggests is real, but feel like it can make unrealistic expectations. When it comes to today’s society and relationships- I feel like nothing is more complicated. Back before technology maybe things would have been easier, I have always wondered what era I belong in. 

The only true love I have yet to discover is the true love of friendship. Some friends come and go, but one has been through very thing with me and stuck by my side; I can’t say the same for past intimate relationships- maybe I just haven’t been patient enough, but hey I’m not complaining. I am grateful for this friendship because without my partner in crime I don’t know who I would be today.


Some might say I am an insomniac- I never really rest; even in my sleep my dreams keep me awake… For they are all lucid. I truly believe my dreams are messages, I feel fortunate I can retain them, night after night. This helps me get insight on all angles of my life. Sometimes in my dreams I see things from other angles, so that I don’t miss any details or hidden signs.